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Water Leak Harrisburg Pa

  • May 6, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
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Water Leak Harrisburg Pa

Most homeowners know that water poses a threat to homes, but most people think about floods and heavy rains. Water leaks, both big and small, can cause numerous issues in homes, and homeowners need to be on the lookout for potential problems. Here are some of the potential threats of water leaks and what homeowners can do if they encounter problems.

Wood Damage

Some materials handle water fairly well, but wood is at high risk if it’s left wet. Wood that remains wet for extended periods of time can easily develop rot, which will lessen its ability to support your home. Even small amounts of moisture can make wood susceptible to mold, which can damage the wood’s integrity and even cause significant health problems to your family. Make sure you have wood that’s been affected by a water leak inspected by the experts at ServiceMaster.

Water Leak Harrisburg Pa

Water Leak Harrisburg Pa

Major Leaks versus Minor Leaks

Major water leaks in Harrisburg, Pa, need to be repaired as quickly as possible to let wood dry out, but small leaks are sometimes even more dangerous. Because small leaks often go undetected, they can cause damage over a lengthy period of time and cause unseen damage. Bathrooms are often the source of these small leaks, so it’s important that work is done by qualified experts; small mistakes can lead to significant problems down the road.


Another potential threat posed by water leaks is infestations. Mold is probably the most well-known threat, but water can also attract roaches, especially if the water also touches potential food sources, such as paper and other fibrous items. Mosquitoes are also a potential threat as well, as even a small amount of water can be enough to host mosquito eggs. Wood moistened by water can also attract termites, which can cause major problems if they’re not remove as quickly as possible.

Water leaks are common, but people often fail to realize just how destructive even the smallest of leaks can be. Whether caused by broken water pipes or faulty plumbing repair work, leaks need to be fixed as quickly as possible to ensure that your home doesn’t suffer potentially expensive damage. Make sure to talk to the experts at ServiceMaster if you have any concerns about waters leaks and the damage they can cause.

Water Leak Harrisburg Pa