Water Restoration Lebanon Pa

Water Restoration Lebanon Pa

Call Experienced Technicians Immediately

If you live in Lebanon, Pa and experience a broken water pipe in a home, then call ServiceMaster immediately for assistance. Water restoration in Lebanon Pa is a complex repair that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Hiring trained technicians to complete repairs in a dangerous environment with slippery floors and wet wiring is a safer plan for homeowners. Trying to use common household appliances such as vacuum cleaners to suction moisture from carpets can lead to electrocution. A building saturated with clean or contaminated water must have its gas and electrical power turned off quickly to avoid danger.

We Have High-Powered Equipment

Our ServiceMaster technicians are ready to arrive at buildings within one hour with a van filled with extraction machines, sump pumps and generators. Customers can call us anytime of the day or night to hire a water restoration service as fast as possible to prevent additional damage. Our technicians make a quick assessment while making sure all power is turned off in a building to avoid injuries from gas explosions and electrical shocks. Technicians determine the type of water flooding a building to understand the best cleanup method required. Water is categorized at different levels such as sanitary or highly contaminated, depending on its source.

Technicians Use Sump Pumps to Remove Water

Flooded buildings tend to become hot and humid due to the lack of power and ventilation. Our ServiceMaster team installs industrial-strength fans in buildings that remove the dangerous pathogens such as mold spores while drying surfaces quickly. Lower levels of buildings, including basements or crawl spaces must have water removed with sump pumps powered by heavy-duty generators located on our vans. Because moisture contains pathogens and raw sewage, the water is considered hazardous material that is collected in tanks for safe disposal at a designated location. At the same time, other technicians begin the process of removing moisture from walls, ceilings and floors.

Application of Specialized Chemicals to Destroy Pathogens

Many homes in city name, state have decorative features such as wooden floors or cabinets that require specialized care from our ServiceMaster technicians. Wood surfaces warp and discolor quickly when exposed to excessive moisture combined with humidity and heat. Our technicians have the correct tools and machines to suction the moisture from wood panels and staircases. As moisture is suctioned from surfaces, technicians also apply chemicals that destroy mold spores and prevent mildew odor.  For Water Restoration Lebanon Pa, call ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg and West Shore