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Wind Damage York Pa

  • October 2, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Wind Damage York Pa,
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Wind Damage York Pa

Strong winds damage properties across the country each year. For example, they uproot objects that cannot withstand its power. They also destroy property by hurling these objects onto buildings. Winds that can cause damage are those that travel at more than 50 miles per hour. Those that exceed 80 miles per hour are extremely dangerous. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can help you in the following ways after the wind subsides.

– Tree Removal

Trees play a significant role in any compound including providing shade for those who like to sit in the yard. However, winds uproot these trees and toss them haphazardly. You will find leaves and broken branches everywhere after a storm subsides. Cleaning this kind of mess takes time. It also requires a bit of expert help. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can do the job for you so that your yard looks as perfect as it was before the storm destroyed it.

Wind Damage York Pa

– Roof & Siding Repair

Strong winds carry a variety of things including small stones and tree branches. This debris has a devastating impact on your roof and siding. It is also important to note that the wind may dislodge portions of your roof as it tries to carry it with its power. This wind damage requires intricate forms of analysis before you can fix them.

For example, how would you know the wind damaged your roof? Which portion of your roof would you look at first? How would you repair the siding and the roof without endangering yourself? Can you prevent any wind damage to these areas in future? These are all questions that ServiceMaster Cleaning Services can answer. Let them repair these areas for you because they know how to get it done.

– Window Replacement

Windows are brittle and even sandy particles carried by strong winds can damage them. Someone who understands these kinds of repairs should replace broken windows for you. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services has some of the best impact resistant windows in the country. They will install these high-tech windows for you if you ask them to do it. Nothing is impossible when you are working with such a professional company.

Sometimes, a complete restoration of your home is necessary after a storm. Cleaning the yard will take time and repainting your house is a difficult task. Remember, it is imperative that you clean your house and your compound. However, you should do so in a way minimizes wind damage to your property in future. Talk to ServiceMaster Cleaning Services today and they will help you fix the destruction caused by wind damage.